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Rules: Story #1

Here are the rules for the first story! The list:

1. Third person format; unlimited characters. Please don't bring people into existence frivolously though :)
2. Medieval style world; there is magic/fantasy elements. Use your imagination.
3. Keep it PG13--violence is okay as long as you do not describe really graphic mortal wounds, and smooching is okay but no sticky pink stuff. >_< Bleh! hehe
4. "Lighthearted adventure" should be a good description. No *really* goofy plot devices, but using witty rapport between characters and the occasional physical humor would fit in well.
5. Our goal is variety. Try and keep your character different from what other people come up with, without falling into heavy stock stereotypes.

Okay, have fun! If you have any other suggestions add a comment below and I may add them into this post :) You can make suggestions even if you are not an author...everyone's thoughts are welcome!
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