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thepiratestory's Journal

The Pirate Story
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Excitement and Adventure on the High Seas! If you like pirates and you fancy yourself a writer, you may enjoy this community. We will be writing a story together (the length of a short pulp novel, or thereabout). It works something like an e-mail RPG. All members of the community will take turns writing chapters. [More on how this works...]

This is a dictatorship. If you do not want to play by my rules, then do not ask to join the community. Thank you. As with any multiplayer RPG, there must be a "narrator" or "storyteller." I paid for the journal code so that person is me.

Please read the [rules...] and e-mail thepiratestory @ purrvert.net if you would like to join. Thank you :)

Community members can view the author list to see how long it is before their next turn.