It's all going to work out. (burnsidegt) wrote in thepiratestory,
It's all going to work out.


So it turns out that the library just says NO to CDrs...
Damn floppies.. why does my floppy drive have to have such a bad attitude?!

Anyhow. My chapter is complete; all 8 pages of it :/
Basically, It introduces 2 new characters, and opens up new possibilities for everyone to take the story in the direction they mentioned they were hoping for in that little "Hi! I'm someone and I like to write about and I hope we have -this- in the story" post that we had.

Oh, and also, I haven't had much of a chance to learn pirate-speak yet, so try and bear with the lack of the piratey accent till I get better with it. :) (trust me, I tried it and i totally mamed the story first time around..)

just, try and bear with me till i find a place to post my story from.
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