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Talk o' mutiny'll get ye flogged

Hahaha. Very cute Kyle.

That's ten lashes.

...sitting and purring about that for long minutes... Huh? What? Oh yeah...

Anyway, I just figured you people would be able to take care of it yourself, and my turn wasn't forever. This isn't QUITE like an RP ;) All you have to do is say "pass." I'm going to assume bunnidarling says pass since she is moving, and mentioned she is too busy. So, that makes it wave_cannon's turn. He gets two weeks from today though, since I've been lax.

Sorry, I know, I know. I *am* an Etherium addict, I admit it. Among many other things ;) lol I will try and pay better attention. Kyle, you've been appointed first mate since you nearly successfully mutinied and it's better to have you on my team. Um, I'm not sure what being first mate means when there's no ship to sail around in and we're all just geeks instead of sailors, but you can have the title anyway. It's sort of like in Dilbert. It will boost your morale.

...and sink everyone else's, but...

I can come up with titles for all of you. Jon, you're bosun, and Stanton, you're lookout. Robin can be quartermaster, Josh is our gunman. Yves and Catriona can fight over being cook. Whichever one loses is cabin boy. (I have a feeling this will be Yves, and because she'll let Catriona win just so she can do it.)
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